Your donation today helps countless homeless animals tomorrow!

Friends of Fayette County Animal Shelter offers a safe and secure online payment for donations via credit card or PayPal. Your donation goes to help the current and future animals at the Fayette County Animal Shelter. We appreciate each donation we receive!


End the Cycle

A free spay and neuter program for low income, pet owning families in Fayette County, Georgia. Average cost per dog is $90.00, for cats is $60.00 and covers: surgery, rabies, distemper/ parvo vaccines, de-wormer and nail trim. Program relies solely on grants and donations to end the over pet population in Fayette County. To help us end the over pet population in Fayette County, use our secure PayPal button below!


Donate Now

Your donation to FFCAS goes straight to work helping improve the lives of Fayette County Animal Shelter's homeless animals. To donate now, use our secure PayPal button below!


Monthly Giving

Monthly giving is an awesome way to support the mission of FFCAS. When you sign up to become a Faithful Companion with a monthly gift, no matter how small, you are providing a consistent, reliable stream of income that helps us in our efforts to care for every animal who enters our shelter. To schedule a monthly giving, use our secure PayPal button below!


Tribute Gifts

Whether you want to make a gift to the animals in honor of someone for their birthday, or make a memorial gift to honor a pet who has passed away, you can rest assured your gift is going to work right away to help those homeless pets needing a second chance at life.